Daily News [07.28.10] 4Minute, KARA, Big Bang and So Nyeo Shi Dae – August is the month of Japanese activities for Korean idols

Wednesday, July 28, 2010Nicholas

Korean idols will heat up the Japanese music scene.
This August, several Korean idol teams will be releasing their albums in Japan and start their Japanese activities.
First we have 4Minute, they will be releasing their new single ‘IMMM’ on 28th July. The girls have headed over to Japan on 27th July. Already earlier in May, the girls released their debut Japanese single ‘Muzik’ and the single went up to the TOP 20 chart on Oricon.
Next will be KARA having their official Japanese debut on 11th August. The MV to their Japanese debut song ‘Mister’ was released on 28th July, and they have flown to Japan on the same day to Japan to prepare for their activities for the song. Currently the song is already moving up fast on Oricon charts.
Male idol group Big Bang will be releasing a new single ‘Beautiful Hangover’ on 25th August. After Dong Bang Shin Ki, Big Bang is said to be the next Korean newcomer singers to look out for debuting in Japan. They did an open concert on 26th July with the attendance of 8000 fans.
Also, there is So Nyeo Shi Dae who will be debuting in Japan with a showcase to be held in late August. And following the showcase, they will be releasing a debut single in September. There has been great interests on the group’s debut in Japan.
This August, we will be seeing more Korean singers in the Japanese music scene. And there are many speculations as to who will do better in the market. An entertainment management company representative said, “Regarding who will do better, it is not important. It is important for the Korean idols to throw away the competitiveness. Because currently in the Japanese music market, it is not about just liking one team but liking Kpop as a whole. It is not about just liking So Nyeo Shi Dae or just KARA, but rather ‘liking So Nyeo SHi Dae, KARA and 4Minute.’”
“It is not about who will do better, but it is about whether the Korean idols as a whole will be able to capture the Japanese music market.”
Translation credit to sookyeong@kbite

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