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SPECIAL [06.28.10] Happy Birthday to Seobaby ^^

Monday, June 28, 2010Nicholas

                                      Seobaby , Happy birthday to you~~~~ 

I'm still remember during debut time you always holding your unnie hands like a baby and watching you keep growing and working for so hard over these years to become best singer as well as being proud as So Nyeo Shi Dae really is a fascinating thing for me. You are always been a girl with tender heart, beauty and intelligence.
Also you always have clear direction and able to decide what is really best for you and that really inspired a lot to me in many different way of doing things. 
Lastly , once again wishing you 'Happy 20th Birthday Seohyun"

 Fanstaengoo birthday message to you, Seohyun ^^

video credit to victoriaxviii ,royalblack

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