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Daily Pictures [04.27.10] Taeyeon last chinchin pictures~~~~!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010fanstaengoo

 The last day of SNSD Taeyeon as the DJ of Chinhan Chingu photos had been uploaded on ChinChin Bulletin board.

This day, with the support of the other 8 SNSD members,Taeyeon still vibrantly continued and ended DJ-ing,but in the end she still shed tears of regret.

In the afternoon on 27th April,chinchin staffs uploaded the last photos of Taeng DJ in chinchin. Production teams said:"Taeyeon had been DJ-ing alone,smiling away continuously during broadcast but thanks to SNSD members,our Taeng DJ received consolations from them, and able to finish the ending part well".Therefore,they wanted to convey their appreciation to SNSD members.

Production team then said :"Although in the future we won't be able to hear and watch Taeyeon's ahjumma laughter,impersonation,natural look without makeup,the cute look when eating jelly and more on chinchin,but we are looking forward to work together with her again in future".

For Taeyeon ceasing her duty as DJ,listeners are all feeling sad and sorry about it.After the radio bora ends,listeners still send in messages on the chinchin message board,expressed their own feelings of regret.Netizens leaving messages like "Taeng DJ don't leave us","You had worked hard for this 2 years","You must come back ah","We will be waiting for you" and more.

Taeyeon took over chinchin as a DJ together with Super Junior Kangin till now ever since the previous DJ left.After Kangin left chinchin last year,Taeyeon had been DJ-ing alone till now. During the MBC award ceremony,for the radio department,Taeyeon received the best newcomer,and received many favorable comments.

Source: NEWSEN
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  1. it'a sad news ....but she will have more time to spend with other members(maby) and to have other activities, such as her musical, tv shows or concerts...Taeyeon hwaiting


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