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Daily Pictures [03.25.10] Fanmade SHINee version "RunDevilRun" ^^ & Seohyun University life pics

Thursday, March 25, 2010snsdlife

Today, I've come across a set of pictures which really brighten up my days ^^. (thanks to Fanstaengoo for the tips)
The Girls' popular "Black Soshi" craze syndrome seem like unstoppable, and some witty Fans have showed us again how talented and imaginative they could be.
They've made a set of the Girls' "Black Soshi" pictures with their good hoobae 'SHINee' faces with it.
Last time,  i also come across a photo which SHINee disguise girls look as below pictures but i can assured this set of pictures certainly more Daebak ^^~~~ and SHINee really cute..hohoho ^^

Well, you gotta see it now ~~~ and prepare for laughter ^^

                     MinHo looks pretty here ^^
                                   Cute Onew~~~~
                           Cool Keys~~~~~~

Besides, maknae 'Seohyun' was attending classes in Dongguk University recently and some fans taken pics were shared amongst netizens. 
Seohyun look so pretty and like a shining star ^^ even with no make-up. Seobaby also showing her "WGM" couple ring while having some fan-sign event after class.  Lucky fans~~~~~

Next, a Korean Taengoo fan has drawn a few Taeyeon illustrations. Jjang^^^^


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