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Daily Interest [03.24.10] Jessica and Lee SeungGi "scarf kissing"

Wednesday, March 24, 2010snsdlife

Jessica revealed her "scarf kiss" desire.
Recently, on "Strong heart" recording Jessica revealed:" i want to to try special kiss" then she continued:" i always dream to have a romantic "scarf kiss" and I want to have a kiss in front of our dorm with all the members looking on and not caring about the others who are seeing it".
After hearing it Lee SeungGi said:"  i have an idea which i think the most romantic way of "scarf kissing" were pulling the scarf gently together with the person come to you and kiss it". Then both of them simulated their idea...Witty SeungGi...hohoho
Besides, Sunny also revealed:" Jessica like to take photo of members when they're changing their clothes, so they gave Jessica a new nickname called" BT Sica" ^^.

GO under for the videos

Jessica & Lee SeungGi "scarf kissing" (start around 8:00)

Soonkyu has performed a aegyo dance

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