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Daily Interest [03.23.10]SNSD "Oh!" craze spreading fast amongst American youngsters?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010fanstaengoo

 Recently,a few American youngsters are onto Korean top popular girls group SNSD new album "Oh!" mv,and became a hot topic among netizens.

On the beginning of March,there was a few videos on Youtube showing American youngsters choosing who's the  "hottest" members among SNSD,and started hot discussion.

In the video,it shows a few youngsters were  watching SNSD "Oh!" MV on a laptop and even though they can't really named out all the members of SNSD,but when watching at the "Oh!" mv,they were deeply impressed by the cute appearance of the girls.

 However,to recognize and name out the members' name individually is really not an easy task though .Fortunately,on the back of the Girls' cheerleader outfits, there are individual numbers represent each of them so they started to choose their favorite members out of the 9.

Finally the top 3 happen to be,No.32 Hyoyeon,No.21 Yuri and No.7 Yoona respectively.Then after another heated debate,they finally chose the Dancing Queen Hyoyeon as "MVP".

In the video,there are also few youngsters can't resist the charm of Jessica and Sooyoung, and still felt difficulty to decide their favorite member.

The whole process were being divided into 3 parts on Youtube.Other than watching SNSD "Oh!" mv,they also went to search the various music programmes SNSD participated on, and become a truly SONE~~~

GO under cut for the videos~~~




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  1. LOL
    even Americans are becoming SONE now
    SNSD Hwaiting!!!!


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