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Daily Video [12.09.09] Yoona funny moment in 'sang sang plus' (eng sub added)

Wednesday, December 09, 2009Nicholas

On yesterday KBS2TV 'sang sang plus', YoonA has shown her playful side again with a funny dance in show.
The stories behind of it was when Sunny and Tiffany were being asked; "is it Yoona were the prettiest among SNSD members", they've denied it. They continued;" perhaps it was due to we've seen many times of Yoona bold act".
Sunny has also revealed;" when Yoona smiled she will always open her mouth largely. Then if you ask Yoona what're you eating now?, she will reply by showing the person what are inside her mouth",everyone were burst into laughter immediately.
Next, the mc is asking Yoona; "whether able to show them 'funny dance' she good at?", they thought YoonA will be shy to show them. However, Yoona just start her 'funny dance' without any sign, all guests on the scene were exploded into laughter again.

Besides, SHINee were being asked to vote the best beauty among SNSD, the result (all vote Yoona)  have shown the popularity and proved the beauty of Yoona has.
Onew (SHINee) also has revealed he really like Yoona expression in 'innisfree' CF, Yoona replied his compliments by sending a wink back to ONEW^^ hoho lucky ONEW.

Note: eng sub video added at below last 3 video
nicholas@NOW Is Girls' Generation

Full show video added. (video credit to SSYY01^^)

Part 1

 Part 2

Part 3




Part 7

ENG SUBBED (THANKS TO TOEBEST lightning speed subbed)




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