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Daily NEWS [12.08.09] Sunny revealed first impression to Yoona

Wednesday, December 09, 2009Nicholas

Girls' Generation Sunny has revealed a special method to memorized all her SNSD's members name.
The mc is asking; "what is the first  impression she has when first met Girls' Generation members 3year ago".
Sunny explained;" i used to wrote down the first impression of new member in diary". Suddenly, other members have also became curious to know the answer.She continued;" Tiffany was running around non-stop, Taeyeon like a yellowish cute chick, while
maknae' Seohyun was look like Park Jiyoo, almost through this method to memorized other members characteristic and name".
Then she added;" about the first impression of Yoona is 'a kid with rice cake below her eyes', everyone were burst into laughter immediately.
The truth behind of Sunny using rice cake was to describe the 'eyes bag'  of Yoona has.
Besides, Sunny also has revealed her first impression of SHINEE in the show.
This show will be air on 8 December.

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