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Daily NEWS [12.14.09] Taeyeon selected guitar teacher (?)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009Nicholas

Taeyeon has expressed her interest in learning guitar at Chinchin not long ago, she said: "after watching YUI (famous Japanese guitar singer) live performance with her guitar, it really inspiring me to learn guitar because YUI able to convey her feeling very well through playing guitar".

Taeyeon started to ask  her Chinchin listeners advice on who she should hire to be her guitar tutor. The listeners had responded with the answer "No MinHyuk".

Here is little information about who is No Min Hyuk. He is one of the member of an idol group called Click-B. 
Click-B had seven members last time and they were very popular in late 90's and  the band split in 2002, with 4 members remaining. No Min Hyuk played the guitar for the group and he still composes many songs and some of his songs were in Click-B's last album, Cowboy. He is now part of the trio 애쉬그레이 (AshGray).

After Taeyeon hearing his live singing and guitar performance, she had expressed  great interest in learning guitar again and ask No Min Hyuk to be her guitar tutor. However, Taeyeon had to postpone her request due to her busy scheduled such as up-coming concert, year end award performance and Chinchin radio show. In addition, No Min Hyuk has just released  latest single "Anxious", so he will be in tight schedule also.

Well, postpone means we still have the chance to see Taeyeon playing guitar some other day, can't wait to see Taeyeon the guitarist to perform ^_^.

nicholas@NOW Is Girls' Generation 

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