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Daily Interest [12.14.09] Taeyeon and No Eul (RainBow) are childhood friend

Tuesday, December 15, 2009Nicholas

Taeyeon Diary
I have a good friend during  fifth grade old days, the personality she has is quite similar to mine, and the most important thing is both of us love music. We always sharing and talking about music whenever we had the chance to meet at school.

We also have attended same middle school but one day she had transferred to another school, since then we've never meet again. After that, when we almost forgot to each other suddenly we meet on the street one day , and i greeted to her immediately. The location is in Seoul, which was quite surprising. After that, we have met a few time but still lost touch to each other due to we seldom have time to gather than we did apart.
However,now i can see her more, even calls her come to Chinchin as a guest.

No Eul.... Congratulation to your debut, you're still so beautiful and hope you come to Chinchin soon.
After this Chinchin playing Rainbow latest single" Gossip Girl"   

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