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Daily NEWS [12.05.09] YURI DISAPPEAR

Saturday, December 05, 2009Nicholas

Yuri shows her magical talent.
On 5th december 'Star King',  Yuri has performed a magic show with  magician Choi HyunWoo.
She wore beautiful gown and enter elegantly with magician Choi HyunWoo to begin the extravagant magical show.
Yuri slowly levitated in space, then she maintained floating condition with a cloth on top of it.

Everyone on the scene were amazed with Yuri's skillful performance that even comparable to some professional magician. Then magician Choi HyunWoo removed the cloth while Yuri just disappeared in a glimpse.
Everyone were shocked and started to looking for any sign of trace of Yuri.
However, when magician Choi HyunWoo sent a signal, Yuri suddenly appear in a place which 20m away from the stage.
The guests kept asking Yuri; "How did you move over there so fast? " Yuri explained " I've practiced 3 night for this performance, and magic is a secret".
This 'Star King' episode will be air on 5th December.

Translated by nicholas@NOW Is Girls' Generation

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