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Daily NEWS [12.05.09] Jessica: "I'm SNSD's Horror Queen" ^^.

Saturday, December 05, 2009Nicholas

Girls' Generation 'Jessica' was picked as member who most suitable for Horror image by SNSD's members.
Jessica recently has made appearance on KBS 2TV "Happy Together Season 3" and  she has revealed the reason why she was picked as "Horror Queen". She continued: "when SNSD filming " Horror Movie Factory" show, the members told me that my screaming are sound like dolphin.
Then other guests are keep asking Jessica to shows her "dolphin sound", she reply that the windows might break  and showed the guest her so called "Dolphin scream". It left all the guest scared and amazed.
Jessica also has revealed the reason why she known as "ICE PRINCESS". She continued; "when she was filiming 'Good Song', she was captured by camera when she slouching down comfortably with bored and uninterested face". Then she added: " i think no one will smile when sloughing down, right?", She was upset this scene was aired  on TV.
After this time, she has got herself another new nickname" Sica Sergent".
On this day, Psy, and Park Jisun also guest starred.

Jessica cut on "Happy togehter"

nicholas@NOW Is Girls' Generation
Video credit to Toebeast

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