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Daily Interest [12.23.09] Finally Seohyun Airplane letter has been found

Wednesday, December 23, 2009Nicholas

The Airplane letter written by Seohyun has been found  and the mysterious about what Seobaby had wrote on the airplane letter has uncovered ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~.
If you haven't read about other 8 airplane letters written by the Girls, here is the link to refresh you.


Go! Go! SNSD fighting! Seo Ju Hyun fighting!

Throbbing~! Today is the day before our first concert..

It is really like I am dreaming now. I find it very amazing for us to play a concert itself.

And I am very happy that this big concert hall can be filled with our dear fans as well..

I am now reminded of the time when we dreamt of this day training together for more than 5 years.

Tomorrow! I will make sure to enjoy myself and show performance that gives everyone impression and pleasure.

Translation credit to sotg813
nicholas@NOW Is Girls' Generation

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