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daily Interest [12.18.09] Taeyeon's signature scarf

Friday, December 18, 2009Nicholas

Hi S♡NE, how much it's worth for Taayeon's scarf with her signature on it?
Our love dorky leader 'Taeyeon' has donated a scarf  to charity auction.
The charity auction started from 14th till 18th Dec, the auction item for Taeyeon's scarf has topped as the highest auction item price among all today, anyone who interested need to pay at least 4.51 million won to get this precious scarf which is higher than Yoona's short skirt auction price (2.01 million won).
What makes this scarf more valuable is the scarf has Taeyeon message like "   i  (Taeyeon) have been using this scarf during filming "Hello baby" plus Taeyeon precious signature. Lovely, isn't it~~~^_____^~~
(UPDATE: the scarf eventually was sold at price 4.831 million won) Amazing ~~~ i wonder who the lucky fan is ^^

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