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Daily Interest [12.18.09] SNSD's staff diary

Friday, December 18, 2009Nicholas

Hi everyone, I'm a staff of So Nyeo Shi Dae.
 Finally the day is near, our girls So Nyeo Shi Dae First Live concert at tomorrow +_+
Every male S♡NE with great expectation, are you ready? (Just like you,even me also feels trembling due to this)
Thinking this the end of the year ? The girls are still training hard and busying with various year end award ceremony plus their up-coming concert.
Finally, tomorrow able meet the girls more (See you all tomorrow~~~~^___________________^)

The fact that the weather suddenly has become cold, and a little bit worries about that.
S♡NE ,please wear better warm jacket/cloth before come to the concert.
Anyway, we have great expectation to the concert and still frustrating about what to give to you all to make you happy ~  favorite So Nyeo Shi Dae photo~^^

This year on 16th December, the girls have crowned with 6 awards. and considered 2009 to be called as Soshi year are not exaggerating at all.
 To all S♡NE who we can't always express gratitude to? 
Now onwards, please continue to love them more.
Finally everybody  says ~~~~ So    Nyeo     Shi    Dae ~!!

Source: Here
nicholas@NOW Is Girls' Generation

 // Hi S♡NE, Please let me know if anything wrong with above translation. Thank you^__^ Hope you enjoy reading it.

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