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Daily Interest [12.19.09] SNSD Concert live scene update

Saturday, December 19, 2009Nicholas

Below are a few pictures update of the Girls' Generation concert live scene.
For those unable to join this big day, hope this will smoother a bit of your strong desire.

(click the picture for larger view)

Quite a number of Girls' Generation goodies available for S♡NE to grab, Concert Bromide, T-shirts, even  a pendrive^^.

                Oooooo. Goddess Yoona .....the big banner a must have item for all Yoona fans ^__^

                          Again various stalls of Girls' Generation goodies

                                          Stalls for Official goods

                         One of the gate entrance to the hall

2 more hours to go before the concert start, I'm sure everyone of you must getting nervous already!! ~~^__^~~

(Updated with a  pic credit to jaesonma@ Twitter)

Here is some official SNSD fanclub goodies, Love it^^

Pictures credit to 서현갤러거@DC

Posted by nicholas@NOW Is Girls' Generation (19th Dec 09)

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