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Daily Video [11.28.09 ] SHINee's Minho ideal Girl is (?)

Saturday, November 28, 2009Nicholas

Due to last episode, the G7 girls are requesting 'Invincible youth' staffs to bring in some male appearance guest to balance number of people between male and female on the show. Their wishes were came true that they bring SHINee's Minho as guest, the G7 girls were gone crazy and have shown warm welcome to the arrival of 'Minho', while Taewoo oppa were a bit jeolous over him and joking that  he want to leave. At this time, Yuri quickly shows her aegyo to save Taewoo oppa...quite hilarious.

Besides, Minho has shown his preferences over Yuri by playing 'Ideal Type world cup' in the show. Then KARA 'Goo Hara' kept saying ; "Minho ideal girls was me" (due to Minho has mentioned before  his ideal girls was 'Goo Hara' in other show ) with her aegyo. Minho sure got high popularity among the G7 girls, BEG 'Narsha' also has fall for him. ^__^

This part far more hilarious in a way that G7 girls have disguised themselves into different funny looks to compete for the title of Miss MEJU.
Watch it now for the G7 girls fantastic entertainment skill!!! Sunny is extremely cute...Love it!!!!

AND A LUCKY BABY........^__^

nicholas@NOW Is Girls Generation
YOutube video credit to codemonmon

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