Daily FUN [11.29.09 ] BOYS' GENERATION

Sunday, November 29, 2009Nicholas

Hi S♡NE, I've figured out something interesting recently. Have you ever think of BOYS' GENERATION existence??? ^__^ Well i mean the Girls' Generation songs were sang perfectly with male vocal. 
I'm having fun with adjusting the pitch of the girls' song and makes it sound like if the song were sang by male vocal only, but the original voices still is Girls' Generation. When I've discovered it, i was surprised that the girls' voices can be sound so nice in male vocal too. In addition, it can also be used as reference song for all the male S♡NE out there (60% SNSD's fans were male according to a survey) to practice to sing Girls' Generation song ^__*.

OK! The first 2 songs presented to you were ' Genie ' & 'Dear mom' (i like this ' Dear mom' cover). 
Have fun listening!

Please leave me some comments, if the response is good i will try to post more in future, Thanks!!!

' Dear mom '

 ' Genie '

nicholas' SHARING;
SNSD 'Dear mom_Male  vocal' 
'SNSD 'Genie'_Male vocal' 

nicholas@NOW Is Girls' Generation      

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