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Daily Video [11.04.09] Jessica & Yuri secret moment on bed

Wednesday, November 04, 2009Nicholas

Recently,on KBS "Hello baby Ep.20" Jessica and Yuri both of them had some bed scene on the show.
Jessica really funny that she actually falls asleep while filming the "Hello Baby" show, also she sleep with one of her arm up habit really cute. Yuri say she knows about Jessica's this sleep habit, then Jessica also mentioned that she also knows Yuri sleeping habit( i think is Yuri sleeping with her tongue out habit) and then they just cracking up.

Besides, Yuri makes her hubby YoonA jealous of their bed time, and YoonA just threw an heart-shape pillow to Yuri and Jessica. YoonA so cute!!!
Then GIL suddenly appear near window side, and both of them just quickly shut up the windows so that they've more time to spend on the bed...YulSic really Jjiang.

Nicholas@NOW Is Girls' Generation

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