Daily NEWS [11.04.09] 8eight Baek Chan: Taeyeon is my teacher

Thursday, November 05, 2009Nicholas

8eight group member Baek Chan express gratitude to Girls' Generation 'Taeyeon'
Baek Chan first time become a DJ of iTVFM which air on 10pm to 12am midnight, and he added that " Girls' Generation ' Taeyeon'  always is my great DJ sunbae and teacher.

On That day Baek Chan has been made a call to Taeyeon say: " I'm really learning a lot of DJ knowledge from Taeyeon sunbaenim's 'chin chin radio'; "Taeyeon is my DJ's Teacher also my good sunbae"; I'm really lucky that my DJ broadcast time does not clash with Taeyeon sunbae "Chin Chin"( chin chin air on 8pm-10pm)

Taeyeon had responded to his compliment by saying" the word of sunbae really not suit for me yet"; "Baek Chan really good at rapping, i think he competent to DJ job . Congratulation added by Taeyeon."

Translated by Nicholas@Now Is Girls' Generation

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