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Daily Picture [11.17.19] SNSD' 1st solo concert concept

Tuesday, November 17, 2009Nicholas

INTO THE  NEW WORLD.Girls' Generation 1st Asia Tour concert name has revealed. In the pictures, the girls wearing stylish pink boots, hot tops and posing like cheerleader, they look so charming. Love it!!!
The ticket will be up for sale on 18th for official S♡NE club members in Korea and 19th for general public through I'm sure there must be fierce-some battle for S♡NE to secure a ticket on that day. I'm hoping to watch the girls first live solo concert also but reality always is cruel. Well, i think i can only wait until the girls come to Bangkok for their concert.

A reminder to all S♡NE again, Girls' Generation 1st concert will be held at Seoul Olympic stadium at December 19-20th. 

  Nicholas@NOW Is Girls Generation

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