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{VIDEO} SNSD dancing 'Gangnam Style' at Yakult LOOK CONCERT

Saturday, September 01, 2012snsdlife

Even Goddess like SNSD also can't resist the hottest summer song of 2012 which they're showing their love of this song, dancing 'Gangnam Style' in Yakult LOOK concert and had received various compliments amongst the fans as well as netizens. Check it out ~

TAeTiSeo dance ' Oppa Gangnam Style' in MC

SNSD's "The Boys & Gee'  performances

Gee~ always is Soshi's fanboys' favourite song ~ ^^

By the way, just now went to check on Psy's official Youtube channel 'OppA Gangnam Style' MV and noticed so far the MV has attracted over 84million views in just one & half month ~. Daebak indeed !

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