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{Performance} Boa 'Only One' comeback stage with ??

Saturday, July 28, 2012Nicholas

Finally the much anticipated Queen of Kpop 'BoA' has made its comeback stage on 'SBS Come Back BoA4354' with her new song 'Only One' together with TVXQ 'Yunho' ~ ^^. Besides, BoA also performed various hit songs like 'Girls on Top' , 'My Name' & her new albums songs.
Without further ado, let's watch the Only One performance ~
(Performance starts at 2:54)

BoA - Girls On Top

BoA- My Name

BoA - Intro + Hurricane Venus @ SBS Come Back BoA4354

BoA - The Shadow @ SBS Comeback BoA4354

BoA - Not Over U @ SBS Comeback BoA4354

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