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{VIDEO & PICTURE} SNSD's LG 3D TV Cinema making & Official Pics

Tuesday, April 17, 2012snsdlife

Here are some collection of SNSD's LG 3DTV  making film and pictures. The BGM of these video is SNSD 'Say Yes' song included in  "THE BOYS" album. 
After Samsung endorsement , and the Girls endorsed LG 3DTV ^^. The world first two largest LCD TV maker in the world spokeperson is none other than the Goddess "Girls' Generation" ^^.
Like Interview goes :  " What is your  goal and Tiffany jokingly replied " World Domination" ~~ DAEBAK ^^ .
Go under cut for the pics & videos

 [Korea] SNSD FULL LG Cinema 3D TV Making Film  

SNSD [full] LG cinema 3d smart tv event 

SNSD [9 in 1] LG cinema 3d smart tv event

SNSD LG 3D TC website official pictures

videos credit to WantedWorldTour, soneHD
Posted by SNSDlife@snsd-life.blogspot.com

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