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{PERFORMANCE} Taeyeon "Missing You Like Crazy" Stage in Music Core

Saturday, April 28, 2012Nicholas

Aigooo~ Finally, the OST Queen 'Kim Taeyeon' performs "The King2Heart" OST 'Missing You Like Crazy'  in Music Core today.
Without further ado, let's watch it now ~

Excellent performance, excellent voice, that's why we love you ~ Kim Taeyeon ^^

TaeTiSeo's awkward moment in Music Core today~
During the broadcast, Sunny Hill's performance had Noel's audio, so they had to cut back to MC's while they fix the mistake. Obviously our MC's had no idea what was going on lol. 
Twinkle~ twinkle on next week onward ^^
TaeTiSeo are waving pink SONE ballons ~
Tiffany: Waah finally!
Taeyeon: Yeah... so SNSD's Taeyeon! Tiffany! Seohyun
Seohyun: Together form SNSD's first ever sub-unit!
Taeyeon: Yes, next week we'll finally show you our very surprising and unique concept!
Seohyun: Everyone~ You've been waiting for this right? Well, just wait a week more (for our comeback)!

Source: Darlagayle @youtube

video credit to monmonshow
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