Jessica birthday message

[MESSAGE] Thank you~ hehe (Jessica's birthday message)

Thursday, April 19, 2012Nicholas

Is it okay for me to receive this much love+happy birthdays?
I'm very touched and thankful euang~
It'd be nice if I could express my feelings ㅠㅠ (express my feelings.. express it... express it... kekeke)
Because of everyone, today was the happiest day ever!

I~ blew out many many candles on cakes^^ hehe
The members who sang for me together, I love you (heart)

Posted Image Posted Image

p.s Photographer Myong (Tiffany) right when I was about to blow the cake away! Snap!! Took the photo hehe
Even though it's not pretty, since it's my birthday... just...pass kekeke

Translated by jyhwangch0sshi @ Soshified

Source: Official Girls' Generation website 

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