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{INTEREST} TaeNyHyun Music Core today &other updates

Saturday, March 17, 2012snsdlife

TaeNyHyun's Music Core cut at today~.

Seohyun: Taeyeon-ssi, I'm so jealous... 
Fany: What is it?
Seohyun: Taeyeon voted #1 celebrity people want to date.
Tiffany: #1 girl people want to send candy to for White Day.
Seohyun: #1 celebrity people want to be a campus couple with.
Taeyeon: Thank you everyone! It's like a dream. It's a wonderful Saturday night... is it night? Afternoon?

Second, below is  short audio clip of SNSD singing "Tears" . Angels' voice ~ ^^

Next, Rainbow member " Woori" who is also G8 from "Invincible Youth 2" has tweeted pics  with Hyoyeon on her account. Lovely Duo ~ ^^

videos credit to gnalc10
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