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{AUDIO} Just Heavenly voice ~ KIM TAEYEON & SNSD

Friday, March 02, 2012Nicholas

Angel's voice from Taeyeon ~~. She just so good in singing, anyone can feel her emotion; the message through her pure voice, everything about her singing just perfect. I'm really happy able to hear one of the best vocal in the world ><. Taeyeon, You're my everything & 'Like a Star'  to me ~

Original song duet with The One ~

Kim BumSoo & Taeyeon ~ Different {달라}

Taeyeon "I Love you" Athena OST ~~ >My Love~~~ Saranghaeyo ><

OPPA NAPPA ~Seohyun, Tiffany & Jessica. Aigoooo~~~ Yongwonhi Saranghae yo ~~~ ^^

Tiffany ~ I'm Alone . Just another heavenly voice {Tiffany}~ You'll never walks alone, We {SONE} will  stay with you forever & ever!

audio credit to withsosiz9dot3
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