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{VIDEOS] Goddesses' Dance Formation ~ ^^

Monday, February 13, 2012Nicholas

I'd like to share with you several videos of SNSD's dancing formation in real performance & also some brilliant fan-made animated SNSD's dance formation videos.
The Girls' dance formations are truly one of the best in KPOP world now. Whenever I watched their performance, it's almost flawless. In order to achieve this level of synchronization, complete the choreography, singing & facial expression; I think the Girls' only way is keep practising until perfect. This is not an easy task indeed, that's why Girls' Generation can stay on the top of KPOP music industry now ~ ^^
OK~ Let't watch it now~~

Oh dance Formation

SNSD 'Oh' rehearsal dance formation

'THE BOYS' dance formation

Hoot dance formation~

Here is SNSD 'Hoot' real performance dance formation~     Jjang ^___^ 
Now,Tomorrow, Forever, It's So Nyeo Shi Dae~

Videos credit to majimajiman@youtube
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