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SNSD JTBC interview video & translation as below ~ 

[Trans] 120206 JTBC SNSD Full Interview:

Reporter: (Being in the US) It's not a dream anymore, how do you feel?

Sooyoung: At night we decided to watch ourselves appearing on US programmes so we stayed awake and watched it. We couldn't believe in it too even after watching, until now we don't feel that it's reality.
Seohyun: As we watched the stage which still seemed like a dream, we went "Ah we look messy in a row here, let's work harder next time".

Reporter: Did you have feelings like 'Ah I've became famous'? Or what kind of feelings did you have?

Taeyeon: Instead of having these thoughts, we realized that they (fans) watch a lot of our programmes, everything seemed new to us.
Seohyun: We really found everything interesting. As the people involved, everything was new to us.

Reporter: If you were to attend an US programme in the future, what kind of programme would you like to attend?

Sooyoung: Personally, I think US award ceremonies have huge well-designed stages, so I'm ambitious in this area - such as AMA and EMMY, if they invite us... 
Taeyeon: It sounds scary just by listening to these terms. (laughter)

Reporter: You talked about 'charter plane' in a conference, is charter plane really needed?

Taeyeon: Uh.. uhh..~~ We are really prepared, that when people who love us invite us, we are prepared to go there.. So if we have charter plane, we can prepare ourselves with the best conditions..
Sooyoung: Some times ago photos of us sleeping on the plane were taken... I think if we have charter plane, we might be able to rest more comfortably and take a good rest on the plane.

Reporters: After talking about the charter plane, do you know what was reported? I've printed some reports for you to take a look.. 

The titles read "SNSD in New York: Desire for charter plane", members were shocked, then started laughing.

Reporter: But you indeed have desire for charter plane, right?

Members: Yes of course (laughter)
Hyoyeon: In order to go around the world, we need a charter plane (Hyoyeon is playing a word game, 'world' is pronounced 'Jeon sekye' and charter plane has similar pronunciation - 'Jeon segi')

Reporter: If a reporter from the US asks you a question like this, how would you answer? It doesn't matter who answers it, but please use English. 
(Reporter uses English): Please give me 3 good reasons why you think you really succeeded in the US?

4 Members: (............) Um...........
Sooyoung: Ah, Tiffany didn't come? 


60-seconds interview session:

Q1: There is a criterion in dividing samchon (uncle) and Oppa fans.

Taeyeon: No.

Q2: To be frank I feel stressed seeing samchon fans who go extreme.

Seohyun: Not at all
Hyoyeon: No.

Q3: (Reporter) Am I samchon fan or oppa fan?


Reporter: Wha.. what's the reason for this?

Sooyoung: Whoever who asks question like this are samchon fans.

Q4: "Do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do", which note best represents SNSD?

Taeyeon: Gasp!
Seohyun & Hyoyeon: Do

Reporter: Why?

Seohyun: Because it's the start and the end at the same time.

Q5: Which color best represent SNSD?

Members: Pink!

Reporter: Why?

Hyoyeon: Why am I the one who keeps thinking differently?
Sooyoung: Because it's our official color for our fans. In fact it seems that white best represents us.

Reporter: Why white?

Hyoyeon: Because there it defines things in a variety of ways.

Q6: What is the percentage of your lipsync stage (frequency)?

Taeyeon: When a stage mainly focuses on performance and we have to present a lot... In any case...
Hyoyeon: But we don't have a stage were we completely lipsync, we do sing to a certain extent.

Q7: It's been a long time after debut, are you guys changing your name to 'Suk-nyeo shi dae' (Matured girls' Generation)?

Hyoyeon: Hmm.. But we like the name 'So Nyeo Shi Dae'. (laughter)
Seohyun: We want to remain as 'So Nyeo Shi Dae' forever, even if we become grandmas.

Q8: Lastly, please say a few words to audiences.

Taeyeon: 2012 has started, I hope that everyone can have an enjoyable and good start like SNSD. We'll always be presenting good music to everyone, please stay healthy~
Seohyun: We'll be presenting the hardworking images of SNSD, happy new year!
Sooyoung: SNSD will be continue working hard, please give us a lot of love!
Hyoyeon: Please continue to be together with SNSD in 2012.

Members: Right now it's Girls' Generation!

Translation credit to : @imwhywhy_Twitter

credit to monmonsnowSeason9

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