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{VIDEO} 'Music Bank In Paris' news report & fancams

Friday, February 10, 2012snsdlife

Here is a video news report of "Music BANK In Paris'. The KPOP fans in Paris totally mesmerized by various KPOP Stars' performances. KPOP wave really has penetrated everywhere  around the world nowadays. And this time, it's the city of Fashion, PARIS ~hohoho ! 
The wonderful thing is the fans continuously cheering for all KPOP Stars along the performance regardless of language barrier. The KPOP music has helped bridge language barrier between the fans & KPOP Stars ^^. Jjang, isn't it ~~
Let's hear the news now~

Next, below are some fancams of "Music Bank in Paris". Hyoyeon's solo dance really nice ~ ^^

LALA~ LALALA~~ Bounce to me , bounce to me ~~~ SNSD ^^

SNSD & SONE singing "Happy Birthday Song to Sooyoung"

video credit to koreatubes1,gnalc8
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