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{PICTURE} YURI: 'Fashion King' NewYork filming scene

Monday, February 20, 2012Nicholas

Hi SONE, I'm back ~ Sorry for shortage of posts over the last few days due to fever. Well, I've taken a few days rest and  feeling much better now. Also realized that watching SNSD videos are good way to recuperate as well ^^. I will try to catch up past few days SNSD's updates as much as possible. Hwaiting ~
OK, Let's start~

Today, drama "fashion King" has released few pics of Yuri in filming scene~


Pics taken by SONE in filming scene~

Next, Preview of YoonA & Seohyun featured on "W'KOREA" March .

Lastly, below picture is some messages left by Jessica  to the fans' support for her drama "Wild Romance" .
My rough translation as below~
Jessica wrote:
  [ Lovely Jessture ~
Thanks for your support & love to me & Jonghee as always...
Really appreciate for it!!
I . . . love Sigppan... kekeke 
Hehe  ♥] 
Sigppan is Jessica's fans nickname ~
Also Jessica wrote some message on her comic character as can be seen on above picture
[ Me......  why looks so small ] ^^

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