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Monday, February 06, 2012snsdlife

1)Promotion pic of 'J.ESTINA' with Taeyeon ~ Yeppeol da^^

2)Kim Choding in IY2~~~ cute

3) Tiffany & Hyoyeon's photo with the people in HITSNY (Hallyu Idol Training Service New York)

4)YoonHyun LG 3D Smart TV advertisement goodie

5) Suuny & Jessica ~ SunJess Generation make you feel the heat ~

6) Interesting expression from the Girls

7) Yoonhyun become neighbour ~ ^^  YoonA: maknae  aahh~~ ; Seohyun: eoonieeee~~~~~ <3

8)Jessica's V~~~~~~ one of my favourite pic in this week!

9)Ppuing~~ppuing Seohyun . She has become such a fine & gorgeous lady now. Totally Agree with the Girls which member changed the most compare to debut time, I still can remember vividly her chubby face during 'ITNW' time. 

10) Lastly, Girls ~ Welcome back ~ ^^

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