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{PICTURE} Jessica's stunning wedding dress look

Tuesday, February 07, 2012Nicholas

Wow~Wow~Wow~Wow, our Ice Princess 'Jessica' has transformed into a beautiful bride for "Wild Romance" & she looks absolutely stunning & gorgeous ! I can only like "WOW" while looking at Jessica's beauty in these pictures.

If i'm not mistaken, Jessica is the fourth members wearing wedding dress excluding SNSD 's album wedding dress photos. 

The First member is YoonA wearing wedding dress in "You're my Destiny" , and I've become a great fan of her since then.

Second is our lovely Taengoo wearing wedding dress in "WGM" . The interaction of Taeyeon & Hyungdon in "WGM" always brighten up my day and really enjoy watching every episode of it. 

The third is none other than  lovely maknae "Seohyun" wearing dress in "WGM". YongSeo couple make their name as one of best couple ever in "WGM" series. Maknae really has grown up to be such a elegant & fine lady now both inner & outer beauty.

In conclusion, our Girls really are Angels after all , don't you agree ? ^^

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