{PICTURE} Girls' Generation travel around the world

Sunday, February 12, 2012Nicholas

Below map showing the places where Girls' Generation have been to for year 2011 and recorded by Korean SONE.  This one really is a good idea. The pink lines with higher intensity indicate the places which Girls' Generation has frequently been to , so based on the map Japan is the place which Girls' Generation has most often been to. Lucky J-SONE ^^  

Next, some photos update of SNSD in France & J.ESTINA~

Next is Dancing Queen 'Hyoyeon's dance battle rehearsal photos of 'Music Bank In Paris'; I really love Hyoyeon's charisma stage presence and  when she danced everyone will be captivated by her moves.
Lovely Dukong~
 Sunny ahhhhhh~~~ ><
 Goddess 'YoonA' ~
 beautifully kid leader 'Taeyeon'

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