{NEWS} Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Loved by a Handsome Wrestler

Saturday, February 11, 2012snsdlife

Taeyeon met her devoted fan, a handsome wrestler. 

Appearing on jTBC’s Girls’ Generation and the Dangerous Boys, Girls’ Generation invited wrestler Seo Du Won to teach boys how to fight. 
During the shooting, another wrestler, Cha In Ho, who joined the program to help Seo Du Won caught eyes with his good-looking appearance, and then made even bigger waves by claiming himself to be Taeyeon′s huge fan by saying, “Forget about any other description, just call me Taeyeon’s loyal fan.” 

Contrary to his well-built body, Cha turned out to be so shy that he couldn′t even look at Taeyeon properly - but the Girls′ Generation member proved to be a pro at fan service by smiling at him and treating him kindly. 
Of course, things got a little bit awkward when Sunny showed off her jealousy. 
In a skit where each member hit sandbags and vented her bitter feelings about the other members, Sunny exclaimed, “Why do you like only Taeyeon? Girls’ Generation has nine members.”

To this, the wrestler Cha In Ho brought in more laughs by saying, “I like Sun Gyu (Sunny’s real name) too.” 
Except...when Sunny asked him, “Don’t you want to be a loyal fan of Sunny?", Cha refused flatly by saying, “I’m sorry,” causing howls of laughter. 
The episode of Girls’ Generation and the Dangerous Boys, will air on February 12

Translation Credit : Misun Lee

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