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Saturday, February 04, 2012snsdlife

Below table shown SM entertainment's  yearly profit gain performance from year 2009 till 2011, obviously the Girls are becoming precious asset to SMent now as  SNSD contributed significantly in SM's yearlyprofit.

start from left :1)Girls' Generation ,2) Super Junior, 3) DBSK, 4) SHINEE, 5)f(x)
the volume's number is million won

Next, our 9 Angels appeared at a nightclub in New York after performing on "Late Show with David Letterman show" & LIVE!With Kelly. Nice to see the Girls are enjoying & relax after works.

Next, below chart is Sunny musical schedule'Catch Me If You Can". The Highlighted part is Sunny part.

Below are  fancams of Girls' Generation activities in NewYork. Now really is "Global Girls' Generation" ~.    

videos credit to inuyashadude918,247paps
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