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{INTEREST} Taeyeon, Seohyun new MC of Music Core

Tuesday, January 31, 2012snsdlife

Music Core's MC/Tiffany partner still left open until now since Yuri departure. However, Music Core seem like has found its new MC to host their weekly Music Core programme and they had revealed it today. Yes, it's none other than our lovely kid leader 'Taeyeon' & maknae 'Seohyun' and together with Tiffany to host the show. Just like 3 emcee in Inkigayo "IU, Nicole & Hara", Music Core will have three MC as well ^^ can't wait to watch it this week ^^. Stay tune ~

Next, Sunny will feature on B.E.G 'Miryo' new song which composed by Kim SeonWoo. The new song called "  사랑해 사랑해/Saranghae Saranghae (Feat. 써니_소녀시대/Sunny).
It's remind me of a phrase " Languages create boundary but music makes a boundary-less world and keeps people of the globe together,” ^^ , can't wait to listen to full release of this song.

Miryo also tweet it's new songs ~

Lastly, I'd like to share with you one of my favourite song I've discovered recently, maybe you guys know about it & it's called "Rolling In The Deep by Adele". Awesome song & singer by ADELE.

Awesome "Rolling In The Deep" cover by Linkin Park.

video credit to diaoleppi
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