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Tuesday, January 10, 2012Nicholas

Firstly, Goddess "YoonA" has been assigned as Honorary Public Ambassador of Seoul Central (Jung-gu) area.
Congratulation to the people who lived in that area & YoonA .^__^

Next, is a group of interesting pictures showing lovely interactions between Taeyeon & Tiffany. Check it  out at below, and you'll know what i mean. Let's your imagination fly~

Please be my baby ~~~ Taeny ^^

Thirdly is a short report review of KBS hit drama 'Athena' concert held in Saitama Super Arena, Tokyo Japan. 
Taeyeon said" It''s her first time to stand & perform alone on such a big stage, and it was a little bit lonely so it will takes some time to get used to it."   

Lastly, Goobne chicken January wallpaper ~ 

video credit to obo0718
Pictures credit as tagged
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