[PICTURE] Invincible Youth Season 2 first recording sneak peek

Thursday, October 27, 2011Nicholas

Since 'Invincible Youth Season 2' recording plan is announced, the fans would be the most delighted people who heard about this. Furthermore, the 'IY's forever Sunshine 'Sunny' & Hyoyeon are also confirmed to appear in the show made the fans more happier than ever. Today, a few pictures of 'IY2' first recorded pictures were revealed, really glad to see Sunny appeared on the show again & can't wait to watch the epic 'Aegyo calls for punch' soon~~  (wonder how Boom will react to Sunny;s Aegyo ~~ ^___^).

IY 2 cast members ~ new G8 consist of  KARA's 'Jiyoung', SNSD's 'Sunny, Hyoyeon', f(x) Amber, miss A’s Suzy, SISTAR’s Bora, Rainbow’s Woori, and Jewelry’s Yewon. MCs, Ji Hyun Woo, Gagman Lee Soo Geun and Boom.

 Go below for more pics~~~ ^^

Just in case if you forgot Sunny's aegyo, hope below videos will refresh your memories~~ hohoho ^^

Videos credit to kylakc17, @ youtube
Posted by SNSDlife@snsd-life.blogspot.com

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