[INTEREST] SNSD "THE BOYS' MV achieved 10million view count on Youtube

Sunday, October 23, 2011Nicholas

Girls' Generation craze still growing & spreading strongly across the world and now they're on their way to dominate one of the biggest market in the world, US.
Here is another example to prove how much people got interested into the Girls' Generation as below picture shown;
>> the fans uploaded snapshot of Girls' Generation latest view count of 'THE BOYS' MV on Youtube
which it already reached the staggering 10million views on date since it released at 18th Oct (5 days ago) and still counting quickly. Soon the world  will become pink as below~~ ^^

While the second goes to Sexy 'Hyuna' 'Bubble pop' MV which it using 24days to achieved 10million views, quite impressive also for Hyuna. Then subsequently third is Super Junior 'Mr.Simple' (29 days), fourth is KARA 'Step' (41 days) & lastly is 2NE1 'Lonely' (45 days).

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