[INTEREST] Queen of Violence is back~~ ^^

Friday, October 28, 2011Nicholas

Queen of violence is back!
ICE Princess' Jessica' is hitting Sunny head~~hohohoho ^__^.

Another reason I love SNSD is they always have fun or showing their real character & playful side in variety shows without worrying about their IDOL status ( maybe Lee SooMan samcheon worry only ^^). Watching their interaction in the show can always made my day brighter and laughing all day long ^^. That's make people  addicted by just watching them. My Japanese colleagues keep teasing me i will become an 'OTAKU /お宅・宅男' soon if keep continue watching them ~~ ^^. Haha~~ it's just can't help but to love these girls<3 しょがいない、彼女らが可愛すぎるだから~^^
What about you~~ ^^

videos credit to Taeyonism@youtube, 
Posted by SNSDlife@snsd-life.blogspot.com

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