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SPECIAL [05.15.11] Wish Every 15th May is Sunny Day ~~~ ^^

Saturday, May 14, 2011Nicholas

                                             >> Sunny,    Seung-li Chukahamida~~
Happy 22nd/ 23rd (Korean age)Birthday to our Aegyo princess ' Lee Soonkyu'~~ ^____^
Hope you will stay bright and always be the energy pill of SNSD~~~
Every 15th of May will always be the Sunny Day~~~ ^^
Lastly, thank you for your bravery saving Taeyeon from that guy ***
Sunny Hwaiting~~~
Sunny, Sunny,Sunny,Sunny ~~~~ I love you i need you ^______^

video credit to Suunyaegyoify, SoshiSujuShineeSP4@youtube
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