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Daily Interest [05.10.11] Cute Taeyeon singing Kara 'rockU' ~~ ^^

Tuesday, May 10, 2011Nicholas

Do you guys miss Taeyeon 'chinchin', I really miss it a lot ~~~ >_<
To cure it, I have been repeatedly watching back the old clips of 'Chinchin', and just accidentally found this interesting Taeyeon cute lip-sync of Kara 'rockU' song. You just can't help but gonna love this young lady more day by day ~~hohohoh ^__^.  
Below are a few video for you guys, hope you like it~~ ^o^

Another fangirl of DBSK 'Taeyeon ssi '~~~ ^^

Next, another great video which showing the great relationship of danshin team 'Taeyeon & Sunny'~~ ^^

video credit to kjoin96,skerrer1
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