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Daily Videos [04.30.11] Our favourite Youtube videos this week

Saturday, April 30, 2011Nicholas

Our favourite videos this week was an awesome Kpop  drummer ~ jitrui . He has done numerous drum covers of Kpop songs which made the song sound more addictive than ever & also giving the song completely new refreshing feel. 
I first come across jitrui video cover of my all time favourite SNSD song 'Into the new world', and i was really impressed with his works. As I surfs further into his channel, I was like discovered new Kpop music paradise with his abundant music drum covers of Kpop songs ~~^^. So I would like to share with you these awesome works from this Kpop fan ~ jitrui ~.

OK~~ Check out his amazing covers at below, and your next an hour will be filled with joy & smile ~^^

First, SNSD 'Into the new world' which made me love this song more than ever~~~ ^^
Next, the Girls' latest hit song 'Mr.Taxi' and it really make me want to do the 'Taxi Steering' choreography along with this cover ~~^^, JJIANG !

Yeah~ Hoot..hoot..hoot~~shoot~shoot..shoot~~ love this~~~

One of the best SNSD song mash-up cover is coming to your way now cover by the great drummer ~' jitrui' ,Yeah~~ ^o^. 
IU 'Good Day' , definitely is another great works by jitrui'

BEG 'Abracadabra ' ~hohohoo, it remind me of this song's great rhythm & dance choreography  which made Kpop craze spread like wild fire at that time ~ bling bling ^^.

CN blue latest hit album 'First step' track 'Love Girl' , it sound completely the same  as like real minhyuk is playing the drum by itself~~lovely~~~ ^^

The rising sun has arise once again ~~~~ 'Keep your head down (TVXQ)' , the beat sound really addictive !.

4minutes 'Heart to heart' 

Shinee 'Lucifier' cover, it really sound more addictive than ever,hohohooo ~~~ I love Kpop~~ ^^

T-ara 'Why are you being like this' , brilliant work from jitrui again. The drum beat really match well with its flow and vocal parts.Love it ~~~ ^___^

2PM 'I'll be back'~~~

Can't get enough of one hour of kpop songs 'drum cover feast ^^, don't worry just head to main venue for greater feast waiting for you 'jitrui youtube channel' 

above videos credit to jitrui @ youtube
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