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Daily Pictures & Videos [03.20.11] Yoonyul new SPAO pics & other updates

Sunday, March 20, 2011Nicholas

 Another set of SNSD's SPAO promotion pics has been released.
Watching the Girls' great proportioned figure suited well with SPAO clothes really is an enjoyable thing. SPAO making the right choice to have SNSD as their spokeperson~~ ^^.
Go under cut for more pic or just click on the pic~~

Next, here are preview pictures of the Girls'  bold styling with 'Vogue', what do you think ~~

OK~ Lastly, below are the Girls' latest endorsed product which is water purifier of Coway,Woongjin. I loved this CF so much especially Taeyeon's styling in this CF, she is just way too adorable~~ ^^ Let's watch it now>>>

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