mbc gayo daejun special

SPECIAL [12.31.10] MBC GAYO DAEJUN~~~ *YURI & TIffany MCing **

Friday, December 31, 2010Nicholas

TOday, the Year 2010 has come to its last day. I would like to wish everyone here Happy New year and hope the best luck of past year would continue to whole new start of Year 2011.
   ~~~~WISH ALL OF YOU~~~~
새해 복 많이 받으세요(saehae bok manhi bateuseyo)  
Happy New Year in Korean! 

Tonight, here is the last music event before end of year 2010 (MBC GAYO DAEJUN) present to you and hope everyone of yours enjoy this last show.
EXTRA: INFO ( Just now i'm so surprised to see JYJ trio back on stage in KBS Drama award 2010 and they sang "Found You” which is a  ballad track from the “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” OST and these trio voices have proved what made them so still so popular throughout those harsh days. Well, glad to see they back on stage  
and hope coming Year 2011 going to be another Daebak yearfor K-POP world. 
OK~~ I will stop here and let the last party get started~~~~


MBC Performances videos~~ (Updating in progress, remember to refresh for more update videos~~)

OOO~~ After School has revealed their new member~~~

All videos credit to CrazyCarrot270

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