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Daily Video [12.17.10] SNSD is the winner of Music Bank in Year 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010Nicholas

It's Friday coming again and it's Music Bank show time~~~~.

Finally, Year 2010 has almost come to an end as well as Music Bank.
Today, Music bank has its last stage and present year end trophy to the Kpop star who've shined and worked hard thorughout whole year on the stage, always trying their best to give us the best performance and visual pleasure.
Then,the winner of this year  Music Bank is ~~~~~~~~~~~~ SO NYUH SHI DAE~~~~~~~~~~~ ^^..hooooooot~~

The calculation is based on how many times of SNSD obtained No.1 spot throughout whole year 2010.
SNSD has obtained 5 week consecutively No.1 on beginning of February till 1st week of March with their 'Oh' hit song. Then they continued to release 'Run Devil' Run' later on which also managed to secure '1st' spot 2 week consecutively from 1st week to 2rd week of April. In total, our 9 Angels already able to secure 7 times of NO.1 in Music Bank on first half of the year.

Then again, SNSD has surprised us again with their 'Hoot' song released on October while we still thinking that the girls would only concentrate on their Japanese debut in Japan on later half of the year. This really is a BIG surprised given by SNSD to all S♡NE and it's turn out to be another 'daebak' hit song of  Year 2010~~ ^^ . The 'Hoot' song craze immediately spread across over Kpop world and created strong ' Shooting arrow' syndrome which the effect almost like 'Gee'. With this, the girls managed to secure again the astonishing 5 week consecutively '1st' on Music bank since it's release. SNSD has total 12 wins along the whole year which has earned them another Year end of 2010 the 13th 'No.1' spot trophy at today. Congratulation to our girls once again, they truly deserve it ^^.
Let's watch SNSD today 'Oh+ Hoot' special performance now~~

       ~~~~Our Kim choding so hyper ^^ , she love the 13th .No1' so much~~~~ Hoot..hoot..hoot~~~

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