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Daily News [12.16.10] SNSD to Make Cameo Appearance on Japanese Drama 'Sazae-san' next month

Thursday, December 16, 2010Nicholas

SNSD will make a cameo appearance on the Japanese drama "Sazae-san 3" next month.

The popular family drama, which airs on Fuji TV, is about a family in Tokyo who are ordinary except that its members are named after a sea or seafood. It sounds odd, but it's based on Japan's longest-running comic strip, drawn by Machiko Hasegawa from 1946 to 1974, called "Sazae-san". Besides the drama, the strip was also turned into a cartoon that aired for over 40 years, starting in 1969. Since the drama is strictly about Japan, SNSD will be the first foreigners to appear on the show.

"Sazae-san 3" producer Asano Sumi decided to cast SNSD after watching their promotion video, saying that the girls seemed perfect to play the role.

The girls will appear in the father's dream sequence as golf caddies. They will be dressed in pink, cheering him on as he makes a hole-in-one. And here's good news for the fans who miss seeing the nine girls together: since the shooting took place in mid-October, Tiffany will appear with the rest of the members. She injured her knee a month ago and has been recovering since.

Video credit to Taen9lina002
Source: via Sankei Sports Shimbun
Translation Article credit to soompi

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