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Daily Video [10.24.10] Videos update~~~~~~~~

Sunday, October 24, 2010Nicholas

 Here are two videos update of the our 9 Angels~~
The first one is the Girls'  today NHK broadcast programme 'Music Japan' with the 'banjjak banjjak' (shining) 'Gee' performance on stage~~ ^^. The 'Gee~style'  outfits wore by our 9 Angels always is my favorite which they able to showed their beautiful body-figure shape  and really  matched the 'Gee' song concept...Just Love it~~ ^____^
video credit to IMMEDIATELY4

Second, since the one of the greatest & revolution movie 'Avatar' has showed the world with its stunning 3D graphic effect, it has set a new visual experience for a movie and brought along with so many hidden opportunity which make it a good business nowadays.
SM Entertainment has great sense over this opportunity, they decided to team-up with avatar production team and create a 3D viewing experience performance with their famous SM artists.
OK~~ here is the one of the first official release of our 9 Angels 'Genie' music video ^^

video credit to SNSDforever12 

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